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Beach Trip or Marsh Trip?

Beach Trip

Leaving the pontoon behind, we will head north along the beach bank to the outer harbour. As we cruise along the burm there should be the opportunity to see the bird life living and nesting there. Following it into the outer harbour, further chances to see the birds and other wildlife. There may be boating activity as the harbour is home to the wind farm support vessels. Next we cruise along the beach and out to the open water for a view of the open sea. Turning the boat around we will return to the quay down the main channel passing the East Hills and the marsh with more examples of the flora and fauna for your appreciation. Finally having viewed the quayside from the water we will dock back at the pontoon.

Marshes Trip

Again leaving from the pontoon we will cruise through the quay and head up Sluice Creek through the moored boats and out into the marsh and along the creeks taking us towards the East Hills and then eastward into Warham Marsh. There will be ample opportunity to experience the peace and quiet of the area as well as the flora and fauna that is to be found as we wind our way along the creeks. We will return to the quay from the east through the East End and brickyard to dock back at the pontoon in the quay.

Trips last approximately 60 minutes. Departing daily on the tide from the main pontoon outside Wells Harbour Office. Trip times available from notice board outside Wells Harbour Office or call 07747 401 222

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